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Spectrum Video Conferencing

Spectrum VC encrypted messenger provides solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as big companies. “Corporate” subscription will ensure total security during video conferencing and data transfer. Secure group chat eliminates any possibility of information leakage. Every word spoken or written is securely encrypted.

We have created a number of additional innovative features for corporate use of Spectrum VC secure messenger. Reliability is a prerequisite for successful business.

Such features as file transfer, history disabling and the number of messages displayed on the chat screen are available in encrypted group chats. The moderator is the one, who creates a group and he is the only one, who can modify Settings and set up the security policy of the group chat. Messages and files are delivered to online and offline contacts. If one of the participants of the encrypted group chat changes the encryption keys, other participants will get the notification about it.

Why Spectrum VC

Leakage of private information and total surveillance are the most discussed topics in the world nowadays. Every day we hear new reports of hacks, blackmailing, transmission of personal data to third parties or the general public. The problem of personal data protection is also quite acute because we no longer see our life without smartphones, laptops, mobile applications and online communication.
New secure messenger Spectrum VC provides an unprecedented level of personal data protection. Our mission is to create the most secure communication environment. You still do not believe it is possible? You still believe that anyone can access your personal information? We would like to reassure you.

Spectrum VC protects you even from us – the developers

  • Information processing is based on limited access and the “system of mutual distrust” – where the provider and the user do not trust each other and exchange only encrypted information.
  • We do not have the keys to decrypt your information. All the keys are encrypted and only saved in RAM until the device shutdown/reset.
  • Any activity within the system is transparent and eliminates the human factor. The system logic is built in such a way that we can not read your information since it is encrypted. Only general information is available: session time and IP address. Technical support team do not have rights to access users’ personal information.

Spectrum VC protects you from third parties

  • Best app mesenger Spectrum VC protects your information from being intercepted at all levels – transmission channel, storage, telecom operators, Wi-Fi networks, etc. All information including encryption keys is transmitted only in encrypted form.
  • During the conversation your every message is encrypted with unique keys.
  • Our Front-end servers have no hard drives. All information is stored in the servers RAM.
  • Our Front-end servers are protected against seizure. After shutdown / reset the information is erased. All your data is encrypted and stored in our own secure Data Centre (DC).
  • Smart messenger Spectrum VC protects your account by IP address, device type, operating system and warns about any unauthorized access to your account. All devices and IP-addresses are controlled within your account.

Pricing Table


  From 50 to 1000 simultaneous sessions

  Customizable automatic start conference

  Record for logging

  Storage of records in database

€100/per user/year



   Update notifications

   Providing labour operational documentation

   365/24/7 Support


Crypto Conferencing

   100% secure connections

   IPsec VPN

   High-Availability cluster

  required when more than 20 users


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