Software solutions agricultural machinery

The problem with highly qualified personnel, dependence on the human factor, the manipulation of fuel and work … You know the problem disproportionately high and inefficient application of fertilizers, seeding and uneven field inefficient and fairly prolonged sowing and harvesting?

You have updated the equipment on his farm, and the efficiency remained at the same level? Do you want to automate the work of agricultural machinery in its sector and improve efficiency by 50% or more?

Software solution is developed for the automation of agricultural machinery and increasing the profitability of agriculture. The Trimble Рmultifunctional software for agricultural machinery in the automatic mode.

Correction Service

For each piece of equipment you choose the location settings, type of crop to be treated and the form of relief. This technique would improve performance and improve end result by 5-10%.


You choose the best for the price and functionality Navigator, which is installed in the cab of the tractor or combine. With it, there is a synchronization with the satellite, which is already installed on a map marking the rows. Thus, such problems are solved:

  • simplified recruitment;
  • reduced consumption of seeds and fertilizers;
  • reduced fuel costs;
  • reduced the time to process the land;
  • rational use absolutely all the agricultural land area.
  1. Control inputs and fertilizer consumption automatically
  2. driving function allows you to focus on the effectiveness of other processes, which makes machinery.
  3. Get precise data on productivity and business profitability watch your home or office.
  4. Control of agricultural technique with the help of satellite monitoring. Operational monitors and corrects the work of the fleet.
  5. Appendix Spectrum Agricultural Рyour entire business in one application. Conveniently, manage your business quickly and efficiently directly from the office or home.

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