14 Apr

VMware, Splunk & Juniper among highest paying networking companies

    Networking and other technology businesses are among the highest paying companies in America, according to a new report from jobs marketplace Glassdoor. And if you find yourself out of a tech job, well, there’s always consulting, where the pay isn’t too shabby either.

    In fact, the top two companies on the list, A.T. Kearney and PwC’s Strategy&, are both consulting firms, and two others are on the Top 25 List as well. A.T. Kearney and Strateg& offer median total compensation of $175K and $172K, respectively, according to the Glassdoor study, which is based on self-reported data by Glassdoor members. The report reveals total and base compensation, with the difference between the two often in the $15K-$30K range once you factor in commissions, bonuses, etc.

    Next up are VMware and Splunk, with median total compensation of $167,050 and $161,010, and another 16 or 18 tech companies round out the Top 25, depending on how you define technology. It’s tough to classify the nature of the tech companies on the list, as they’re all over the map, from core networking to data center virtualization to software-as-a-service to social networking.

    Other tech companies cracking the top 25 list include Google ($155,250), Facebook ($120,000), Amazon Lab126 ($152,800) and Juniper Networks ($150,000). Newcomers to the list include NVIDIA ($154,000), Palo Alto Networks ($140,020) and Akamai ($140,000).

    With a well-documented technology skills shortage in effect, such as in cybersecurity, it’s no surprise that tech companies are paying employees at a higher than average level. Though note that this report highlights the median compensation of all employees at these companies, not just those who have tech jobs at tech companies.

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