11 Feb

Swift package plugin produces code based on OpenAPI documentation

    Swift OpenAPI Generator creates Swift client or server code essential for interacting with APIs or establishing API servers.

    On January 31, Swift developers disclosed Apple’s launch of the stable 1.0 version of Swift OpenAPI Generator, facilitating the creation of Swift client and server code from an OpenAPI document.

    Swift OpenAPI Generator automatically generates code for API interactions or server implementation, ensuring synchronization with the OpenAPI document without requiring commits to a source repository. OpenAPI serves as an open standard delineating the behavior of HTTP services and boasts a diverse range of accompanying tools.

    Compatible with OpenAPI Specification versions 3.0 and 3.1, Swift OpenAPI Generator supports streaming request and response bodies through AsyncSequence, accommodating scenarios like large payloads sans buffering and JSON event streams. It handles various content types such as JSON, URL-encoded forms, Base64, plaintext, and raw bytes as distinct value types featuring type-safe properties. Additionally, it provides adaptable client, server, and middleware abstractions, segregating the generated code from the HTTP client library and web framework.

    With Swift OpenAPI Generator, users can generate code for making type-safe requests to API servers employing any HTTP client library. Moreover, the plugin enables code generation to initialize an HTTP server with any web framework utilizing business logic detached from network requests.

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