22 Jun

OwnBackup wants to broaden the backup footprint

    OwnBackup is a cloud-to-cloud backup and restore vendor that aims to provide secure, automated, daily backups of SaaS and PaaS data. Founded by well-regarded recovery, data protection and security experts, OwnBackup is a Salesforce partner and ranks highly on the Salesforce AppExchange.

    As well as the usual backup and recovery options, OwnBackup has a broader take on what backup really means and offers data comparison and restoration tools to offer more granular control in the broader backup and recovery space.

    The company today announced a new solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, one that sees them take their existing backup offering and repurpose it into a “sandbox seeding” offering. What that means in practice is the technology and smarts that OwnBackup brings to the recovery world can be leveraged to do the same thing, but with a different end goal. Instead of recovering data to allow business continuity, this is about creating a fully populated sandbox for development and testing purposes.

    With OwnBackup’s Sandbox Seeding, development teams can populate a Salesforce sandbox with their ideal data set through in-app object filters, data anonymization and sized-to-fit sandbox data, all while preserving data object relationships. What that means is development teams can more easily ensure that code and workflows are tested on relevant, right-sized data sets with only a few clicks.

    “We have been using OwnBackup for two years and consider them our trusted partner when it comes to backing up and restoring our data. OwnBackup continues to innovate to add value to their platform,” said Rob Zeller, director of corporate development at NTN Bearing Corporation of America. “Their org restore function has worked for some time to populate sandboxes with data, but their recent Sandbox Seeding feature provides much greater control and flexibility to this feature. We recommend OwnBackup to anyone looking for a backup, restore and replication solution.”

    Benefits of OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding

    Additional benefits of OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding include the following:

    • High-speed data selection and sandbox seeding for more frequent testing
    • Multi-parent relationship integrity for increased accuracy and confidence
    • Optimized sandbox storage costs via a no-attachments option
    • Fast, anonymized data set creation, protecting data confidentiality
    • Easy, sandbox test data right-sizing to suit the testing need and budget
    • Any-level direct editing for detailed customization of test data sets
    • Data and meta data comparisons across and within environments for rapid data change insight
    • Advanced data management control with “Never Rotate” snapshot flagging
    • Comprehensive label and archive management for rapid access and long-term retention
    • Flexible data manipulation options with .csv export options

    My POV

    While it seems like a relatively straightforward task, creating sandboxes where developers can build and test new offerings actually comes with an operational burden. By taking its existing backup and recovery tools and repurposing them for a different use case (albeit one with essentially the same technical steps), OwnBackup manages to both expand its total addressable market while also leveraging existing tools in new ways. It’s a win/win.

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