30 Sep

New MS Mechanics video with the latest updates to RDS for Windows Server 2016

    We are getting close to the launch of RDS in Windows Server 2016!

    As a preview to the great new capabilities coming in the latest update of your trusted desktop and app virtualization platform, we have released a new MS Mechanics video showcasing some of our greatest innovations in this release. Scott Manchester, Principal Group Program Manager on the Remote Desktop Services team, and our tech evangelist Simon May talk about and demonstrate the powerful new innovations in RDS for Windows Server 2016 across three key areas  –

    • Graphics performance improvements: Scott and Simon take us through the significant performance and app compatibility improvements we have made in user experience, through Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) technology for server class graphics cards; this technology simultaneously provides the full power of available graphics processing to virtual desktops as well as session-based desktops and apps by surfacing the actual IHV’s GPU driver, which improves app compatibility. He also talks about the RemoteFX vGPU related investments including enhanced support for Open GL and Open CL.
    • Connection scale: They then show the new RD Connection Broker capabilities that handles massively concurrent connection situations, commonly known as the “9 am scenario” or “log on storm”.
    • Optimizations for Cloud:  We also see the Azure QuickStart templates in action that can quickly set up a scalable and highly available deployment of RDS on Azure infrastructure.
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