08 Jan

Microsoft Launches AppCAT: An Azure Migrate Tool for .NET Applications

    Microsoft has rolled out AppCAT, an innovative tool as part of the Azure Migrate suite, designed to facilitate the migration of on-premises .NET applications to the Azure cloud.

    Unveiled on January 3, AppCAT (Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for .NET) enables users to assess various aspects of a .NET application, such as source code, binaries, and configurations. The primary goal is to identify potential issues and opportunities that may arise during the transition of a .NET application to Azure. By conducting a thorough analysis, AppCAT aids in uncovering any issues that might impact the application’s performance, security, and scalability when ported to Azure. Moreover, it suggests modern, cloud-native solutions to enhance the overall migration process.

    Available both as a Visual Studio extension and a .NET CLI tool, AppCAT utilizes static analysis of code and dependencies to ascertain application technology usage. Users can opt to save the results of the analysis in HTML, CSV, or JSON formats for further reference. The tool’s functionalities extend to allowing users to navigate directly to lines that require attention, address issues, mark them as resolved, and save the current state. Additionally, AppCAT provides estimates of the effort required to fix each identified issue, breaking down estimates for different components of applications and projects.

    Future plans for AppCAT include incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and integrating it with Copilot AI assistance. Microsoft aims to offer a more curated assessment based on the chosen Azure target.

    Users have the option to share feedback on AppCAT through the Visual Studio feedback channel, contributing to the tool’s ongoing refinement and improvement.

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