11 Nov

ITRenew integrates Pluribus Networks software with its hyperscale servers

    Pluribus software on ITRenew hardware means an open architecture for compute and storage infrastructure.

    ITRenew, the reseller of slightly used hyperscalar servers, has partnered with Pluribus Networks to add Pluribus’s Netvisor ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric controllerless SDN cloud networking software to its hardware.

    ITRenew resells servers it buys from hyperscalers like Amazon and Google that are retiring them, typically after a year or so. It refurbishes them, offers a warrantee, and sells them to enterprises for half the price of new hardware.

    ITRenew sells the servers under the Sesame brand, which will now include Pluribus’s open networking software with their hyperscale-grade compute, storage and networking infrastructure for a fully integrated hardware and software solution.

    “The availability of Pluribus’ networking software on Sesame systems will make it even easier for our customers to deploy, optimize and scale their critical infrastructure around the globe,” said Ali Fenn, president of ITRenew in a statement.

    The ITRenew Sesame offerings use Pluribus Networks’ Netvisor ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric (ACF) for software-defined networking, both of which are compatible with Open Compute Project (OCP)-compliant solutions for enterprises and service providers. OCP is an effort to create hardware and software standards to reduce the hassle of interoperability between systems.

    ITRenew has integrated the Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS into top-of-rack switches for disaggregated networking. Both the network underlay and overlay fabric are automated with built-in per-flow telemetry and analytics, allowing for fast, simple deployment of one-touch automated fabric-wide services and policy provisioning.

    The ACF solution enables fabric scale up of 140 switches today with a design to support up to 1024 switches per fabric, whether inside a single data center or across distributed data centers.

    Sesame with ACF can be implemented in a single data center or distributed geographically to support Data Center Interconnect (DCI) requirements over WAN or dark fiber connections without network re-engineering. ACF has been designed to stretch the fabric across and unify multiple data center locations, allowing consistent configuration of the network across all switches in all locations.

    Sesame with Pluribus Networks’ software is available now from ITRenew.

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