10 Aug

Dell Introduces Advanced AI Solutions

    Dell Technologies has recently unveiled an array of innovative AI tools, expanding across their software, hardware, and service sectors.

    Taking a leap into the burgeoning world of generative AI, Dell has introduced cutting-edge tools and services. Earlier in May, the tech giant hinted at collaboration with Nvidia, aiming to build combined AI functionalities. Now, the outcome of this collaboration is the suite called Dell Generative AI Framework. As a highlight of this suite, Dell has released approved designs with Nvidia, aiming at facilitating companies to incorporate AI functionalities in-house. Furthermore, Dell is now offering advisory services to guide companies in determining the optimal utilization of generative AI tools.

    While Nvidia’s GPU units are generally integrated into servers for AI processes, Dell’s updates encompass more than just server enhancements. The tech giant has unveiled Precision workstations, equipped with advanced Nvidia GPU setups, enabling users to hasten generative AI operations directly on their devices.

    In addition, the Dell Optimizer, the company’s proprietary AI software, has been updated. It can now optimize the performance of applications used on mobile workstations, while conserving battery life.

    A significant challenge with conventional AI methods has been scaling to support LLMs for instantaneous outcomes. Dell emphasizes that its solutions empower clients to attain rapid, high-quality predictions and decisions using their datasets.

    Dell’s Generative AI Framework is verified for operation on numerous Dell products, including Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerScale storage solutions, and Dell ECS enterprise storage, offering comprehensive AI solutions ranging from desktops to primary data centers, peripheral sites, and even public clouds. Additionally, Dell introduces Validated Designs – a collection of meticulously tested configurations crafted for powering generative AI on Dell platforms.

    The services introduced begin by carving out an AI blueprint, setting objectives, and then charting a course to fulfill them. Moreover, Dell provides comprehensive implementation solutions, grounded on the tested designs. For businesses venturing into AI, Dell’s enhancement services can refine operations via managed services, upskilling sessions, or in-house experts.

    Dell’s specialized services for Generative AI are currently available in select regions. The validated design, in association with Nvidia, is accessible globally via conventional avenues and Dell APEX.

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