30 Jul 2020

Data-center survey: IT seeks faster switches, intelligent computing

    The growth in data use and consumption means the needs of IT managers are changing, and a survey from Omdia (formerly IHS Markit) found data-center operators are looking for intelligence of all sorts, not just the artificial kind.

    Omdia analysts recently surveyed IT leaders from 140 North American enterprises with at least 101 employees working in North American offices and data centers and asked them what features they wanted the most in their networking technology.

    The results say respondents expect to more than double their average number of data-center sites between 2019 and 2021, and the average number of servers deployed in data centers is expected to double over the same timeline.

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    17 Jul 2020

    Options grow for migrating mainframe apps to the cloud

      Mainframe users looking to bring legacy applications into the public or private cloud world have a new option: LzLabs, a mainframe software migration vendor.

      Founded in 2011 and based in Switzerland, LzLabs this week said it’s setting up shop in North America to help mainframe users move legacy applications – think COBOL – into the more modern and flexible cloud application environment.

      At the heart of LzLabs’ service is its Software Defined Mainframe (SDM), an open-source, Eclipse-based system that’s designed to let legacy applications, particularly those without typically available source code, such as COBOL, run in the cloud without recompilation.

      The company says it works closely with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, and its service can be implemented on Microsoft Azure. It also works with other technology partners such as Red Hat and Accenture.


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      03 Jul 2020


        Office 365 is dead. Long live Microsoft 365, the renamed version of Microsoft’s productivity suite that now includes an expanded version of Microsoft Teams designed expressly for consumers. That expanded version of Teams is now live in preview for iOS and Android, Microsoft said on June 22.

        (Editor’s Note: This story originally published on March 30. We’re re-publishing it as the changes to the subscriptions have taken effect today, June 22.)

        On April 21, Office 365 subscriptions for consumers will shift over to become Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Microsoft said, available at the current price of $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for a shared group of up to 6 people. (Personal subscriptions are $6.99 per user per month, or $69.99 per year.) Those subscriptions will still include features like a terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage, access to Microsoft’s Office apps, and more.

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        15 Jun 2020

        Cisco bulks-up advanced analytics features in DNA Center

          Cisco has added features to is flagship network control platform, DNA Center, that introduce new analytics and problem-solving capabilities  for enterprise network customers.

          DNA Center is the heart of Cisco’s Intent Based Networking initiative and is the core-networking control platform that features myriad services from analytics, network management and automation capabilities to assurance setting, fabric provisioning and policy-based segmentation for enterprise networks.

          The company extended DNA Center’s AI Endpoint Analytics application by adding the ability to analyze the data gathered from Cisco packages such as its Identity Services Engine, Software Defined Application Visibility and Control, wireless LAN controllers or third part third-party components.

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