04 Nov 2019

Object storage in the cloud: Is backup needed?

    The failure to back up data that is stored in a cloud block-storage service can be lost forever if not properly backed up. This article explains how object storage works very differently from block storage and how it offers better built-in protections.

    What is Object Storage?

    Each cloud vendor offers an object storage service, and they include Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), Azure’s Blob Store, and Google’s Cloud Storage.

    Think of object storage systems like a file system with no hierarchical structure of directories and subdirectories. Where a file system uses a combination of a directory structure and file name to identify and locate a file, every object stored in an object storage system gets a unique identifier (UID) based on its content.

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    18 Oct 2019

    Cloud architects who earn $150,000 are likely underpaid

      According to this source, “cloud architects earn between $140,000 and $150,000” per year. I’ve paid more and less, depending on where the architect lives. However, a good cloud architect can make as much as $250,000 with proper experience and a proven track record of success.

      Many may scoff at “proven track record” because cloud-based resources are relatively new, and configuring those resources to form the optimum solution is a still-evolving science. Although that’s true, those who have a knack for cloud architecture are now rising to the top. In most cases, having the cream of the crop on staff could save $10 million to $100 million dollars per year in otherwise misplaced cloud and IT investments.

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      04 Oct 2019

      TypeScript 3.7 beta debuts with optional chaining

        The next version of TypeScript, Microsoft’s typed superset of JavaScript, will include optional chaining, an ECMAScript feature that allows developers to stop running expressions if they encounter a null or undefined value.

        A beta version of TypeScript 3.7 was released October 1, with general availability planned for early November. A release candidate is due before then.

        Optional chaining uses a new ?. operator for optional property accesses. Also included are two other operations: optional element access, for accessing non-identifier properties such as numbers and arbitrary strings, and optional call, for conditionally calling expressions if they are not null or undefined.

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        20 Sep 2019

        Microsoft brings IBM iron to Azure for on-premises migrations

          When Microsoft launched Azure as a cloud-based version of its Windows Server operating system, it didn’t make it exclusively Windows. It also included Linux support, and in just a few years, the number of Linux instances now outnumbers Windows instances.

          It’s nice to see Microsoft finally shed that not-invented-here attitude that was so toxic for so long, but the company’s latest move is really surprising.

          Microsoft has partnered with a company called Skytap to offer IBM Power9 instances on its Azure cloud service to run Power-based systems inside of the Azure cloud, which will be offered as Azure virtual machines (VM) along with the Xeon and Epyc server instances that it already offers.

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