02 May 2019

JDK proposal takes aim at verbose Java syntax

    Java would gain records and sealed types capabilities as part of a draft JDK enhancement proposal intended to address complaints that Java is too verbose and requires too much “ceremony” code. The proposal was initiated by Brian Goetz, Java language architect at Oracle.

    Records provide a compact syntax for declaring classes that are transparent holders for shallowly immutable data. Sealed types, meanwhile, offer a means for declaring classes and interfaces that can restrict their subtypes. Combined, these features are sometimes referred to as algebraic data types.

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    22 Apr 2019

    Red Hat to maintain OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11

      Red Hat is taking over maintenance responsibilities for OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 from Oracle. Red Hat will now oversee bug fixes and security patches for the two older releases, which serve as the basis for two long-term support releases of Java.

      Red Hat’s updates will feed into releases of Java from Oracle, Red Hat, and other providers. Oracle released JDK (Java Development Kit) 8, based on OpenJDK 8, in March 2014 while JDK 11, based on OpenJDK 11, arrived in September 2018. Previously, Red Hat led the OpenJDK 6 and OpenJDK 7 projects. Red Hat is not taking over OpenJDK 9 or OpenJDK 10, which were short-term releases with a six-month support window.

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      10 Apr 2019

      Cisco taps into AWS for data center, cloud applications

        Cisco has released a cloud-service program on its flagship software-defined networking (SDN) software that will let customers manage and secure applications running in the data center or in Amazon Web Service cloud environments.

        The service, Cisco Cloud ACI (application centric infrastructure) for AWS lets users configure inter-site connectivity, define policies and monitor the health of network infrastructure across hybrid environments, Cisco said.

        Specifically, this connectivity includes an “underlay network for IP reachability (IPsec VPN) over the Internet, or through AWS Direct Connect; an overlay network between the on-premises and cloud sites that runs BGP EVPN [Ethernet VPN] as its control plane and uses Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) encapsulation and tunneling as its data plane,” Cisco says.


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        20 Mar 2019


          Cisco Webex has rolled out a package of AI-based features that brings together recently acquired technologies it says will make business meetings more efficient and intuitive.

          The Webex conferencing tool enhancements, which include faster meeting startup, a better way to know the people attending a meeting and facial-recognition improvements will help customers more effectively collaborate from any location, the company said.

          Cisco bought Webex in 2007 for about $3.2 billion with an eye toward competing more effectively with Microsoft and other collaboration software vendors. Today Webex conferencing tools are used by over 130 million customers a month, Cisco says.

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