Functional Solutions


  1. Organization of commercial accounting (income, consumption, displacement, return, inventory).
  2. Easy management of nomenclatures and prices.
  3. Office inventory: orders to the supplier and the distribution network of reserves, taking into account the product mix.
  4. Financial Accounting: settlements with counterparties (customers and suppliers).
  5. Bank-client: the automation of import payment orders from the banking system in the accounting and the accounting system in the bank.
  6. The distribution of access rights to the functionality of the system in accordance with the official duties of users or user groups.
  7. A wide range of analytical reports (standard and management).
  8. Calculation of remuneration of sales assistants.
  9. Docking with the data collection terminal.
  10. The data exchange between the central office and outlets (synchronization).
  11. Multi-currency payments to suppliers.
  12. VAT and docking with MEDoc system.


Front office

  1. Simple workplace cashier (UI – user interface).
  2. Support for trade and cash register equipment (a wide range of manufacturers).
  3. Professional integration with the bank payment terminals.
  4. Use discount and loyalty cards, stocks, discounts and other marketing tools to attract customers.
  5. Cash discipline (statements) in accordance with applicable law.
  6. The use of mixed payment: check closing multiple forms of payment (cash + non-cash payment discount or bonus + card + gift certificate).
  7. Possibility of inventory on hand.
  8. Pop-up help message for the cashier.


DW Retail – a solution for the management of food stores and consumer goods developed on the basis of company DW Business Tools ™ control system. The solution is designed for complex automation of shops and retailers in the format “discounter”, “supermarket”, “cash & carry”.

With DW Retail solutions you can automate business processes from all functional divisions – cashier jobs, goods, storekeeper, accountant, financier, sales analytics, store manager and others.

Basic equipment industry solution Retail DW provides an opportunity to trade accounting, cost accounting, control range, inventory and pricing. The solution is successfully coping with the tasks of front-office, back-office, head-office, while providing high-speed operation.

synchronization system ensures instant and reliability of incoming information, helping to build a system of effective monitoring and timely management decisions, it allows to keep abreast of what is happening in the retail outlets.

The solution provides broad functionality and plenty of opportunities to work effectively cash zone. Module Tools DW Trade Client allows to organize the work of the cashier, to exclude the possibility of false or legitimate activities. The system reminds the operator to give the buyer a discount card, to congratulate him on the remarkable date, displays . warning message or prevent the action and also allows you to implement any marketing campaign: a variety of options for discounts, charging and replacement of product for bonuses, gift certificates and many other promotions.

The branch solution comes complete with a set of comprehensive reports. Features of the module analyzer allows DW to get answers to any questions regarding the operation of the enterprise promptly and properly respond to changes, to take into account the preferences of buyers and market trends in general. Through the use of OLAP technology the user has the ability to modify the presentation of information in the reports to fit their specific objectives of the program means, without recourse to the programmers.

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