Functional Solutions


  1. Organization of commercial accounting (income, consumption, displacement, return, inventory).
  2. Easy management of nomenclatures (models, fabrics, up to 4 in a single product, decorations, a combination of fabrics, corners 7, D, 25, 5, working collection) and prices.
  3. Flexible accounting charge.
  4. Office inventory: orders to the supplier and the distribution network stocks.
  5. Financial Accounting: settlements with counterparties (customers and suppliers).
  6. Bank-client: the automation of import payment orders from the banking system in the accounting and the accounting system in the bank.
  7. The distribution of access rights to the functionality of the system in accordance with the official duties of users or user groups.
  8. A wide range of analytical reports (standard and management).
  9. Calculation of remuneration of sales assistants.
  10. Online furniture stores maintained a central register in a single database.
  11. Control of the network of the furniture salons in the context of territorial divisions.
  12. Multi-currency payments to suppliers.


Front office

  1. Workplace consultant provides all the necessary tools for the correct formation of orders.
  2. No need for additional equipment.
  3. The use of discount cards and hand discounts. Limiting the size of the manual discounts.
  4. Control of the discounts granted sales consultants.
  5. The use of mixed payment: check closing multiple forms of payment (cash + clearing + discount card).
  6. Multicurrency account.


Enterprise Management System DW Furniture shop – a powerful software product that combines the unique set of DW Business Tools Platform Tools TM and the best practical experience of doing business at the leading enterprises of the furniture industry.

The uniqueness of the plant automation system DW Furniture shop is that the basic equipment industry solution allows to take into account all the complexity of the organization of the sales process of the finished product: features of formation of product range and price of the final product, differences in the management of staff and inventory, account of specific services, and others.

All functions of the enterprise management system is fully adapted to the specifics of trade interior. Maintaining commercial accounting is in accordance with the standard classification of furniture production and warehouse inventory control parties – according to party factory numbers.

The product range is based on the price-lists of suppliers and inventory management takes place according to the scheme: control of cash balances, goods receipt and statement to the parish, inventory, product distribution among salons network, return to the supplier.

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