Functional Solutions


  1. Organization of commercial accounting (income, consumption, displacement, return, inventory).
  2. Easy management of nomenclatures (lines, brands, collections, color, size) and prices.
  3. Office inventory: orders to the supplier and the distribution network of reserves, taking into account the product mix.
  4. Financial Accounting: settlements with counterparties (customers and suppliers).
  5. Bank-client: the automation of import payment orders from the banking system in the accounting and the accounting system in the bank.
  6. The distribution of access rights to the functionality of the system in accordance with the official duties of users or user groups.
  7. A wide range of analytical reports (standard and management).
  8. Calculation of remuneration of sales assistants.
  9. Keeping customer database, e-mail mailing list.
  10. Docking with the data collection terminal.
  11. The data exchange between the central office and outlets (synchronization).
  12. Monitoring of residues in other retail outlets network.
  13. Multi-currency payments to suppliers.
  14. VAT and docking with MEDoc system.


Front office

  1. Simple workplace cashier (UI – user interface).
  2. Support for trade and cash register equipment (a wide range of manufacturers).
  3. Professional integration with the bank payment terminals.
  4. Use discount and loyalty cards, stocks, discounts and other marketing tools to attract customers.
  5. Cash discipline (statements) in accordance with applicable law.
  6. The use of mixed payment: check closing multiple forms of payment (cash + non-cash payment discount or bonus + card + gift certificate).
  7. Different methods of calculation with the customer: A reserve, payment installments, on the issue of fitting.
  8. Possibility of inventory on hand.
  9. Pop-up help message for the cashier.


DW Boutique – a solution based on the DW Business Tools ™ system for store management automation or network of shops of clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics. The solution is developed on the basis of the best trading practices in the industry and is fully ready for operation.

Basic equipment industry solution DW Boutique takes into account all features of trade fashion items and allows trademark registration and pricing, accounting settlements with suppliers and cost items, manage the assortment, sales and personnel.

Special module DW Discount system makes it possible to develop and implement any customer loyalty programs. A module DW Analyzer provides comprehensive reporting, which allows you to track the performance of the enterprise in a timely manner and correctly respond to their changes, to take into account consumer preferences and fashion trends in the market as a whole.

With the solutions you can automate business processes from all functional units (jobs sellers, cashiers, managers, managers and others.).

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