DW Business analysis

In today’s dynamic environment to maximize the profitability of the business is becoming very important to use current technology and effective management practices, which are based on the operational information ownership.

Using the tools of analysis in daily operational sequence of actions in strategic management, financial accounting and planning to effectively build work as an enterprise as a whole, and each expert individually. Smart Business Intelligence provides the ability to make a decision even before it can cause problems, identify possible risks and to take measures to eliminate them.

In the world the most effective presentation technology and dynamic data analysis recognized OLAP technology (On-Line Analytical Processing) – analysis of data in real time.

The reporting system is based on these technologies, it allows you to instantly generate reports across multiple heterogeneous data sources. Such a system makes it possible to identify trends in business development, to evaluate the financial results of the company, to identify the most costly and the most profitable products and units to trace the execution of sales plans and procurement, adjust pricing in time, the system of discounts, credit policy, to build a proper supply chain, etc. .P.

The system DW Business Tools ™ uses a specialized module – DW analyzer, which provides a powerful analytical tool for the evaluation of the enterprise performance and decision-making at all levels. DW Module Analyzer is an indispensable tool for top-level manager and a convenient assistant for the average employee.

Module interface is simple and intuitive. To learn how to work with reports, you need only a few minutes.

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