Corporate solutions DW Business Tools ™ platform

The way to improve the efficiency of the enterprise requires a comprehensive approach to business optimization. The current enterprise management system plays a key role. First of all, the enterprise management system should provide management tools for the adoption and implementation of management decisions.

Company Spectrum Engineering has developed a unique enterprise management system. Years of successful implementations, best management practices and best match the actual needs of the business – combined in DW Business Tools TM .

Enterprise Management System DW Business Tools TM is an integrated ERP-solutions, which is based on modern business management concepts. The main task of DW Business Tools TM – to do business easy to manage and effective in action.


The effectiveness of management accounting

The system is designed for the management accounting, whose main task is complete reflection of all economic activities of the enterprise. It is necessary, first of all, for operational decision-making related to the activities of the company. DW Business Tools TMallows you to create financial statements according to international standards and operational control of any performance. The system can be operated by remote units to organize their effective interaction, to control their financial and trade flows. The use of analysis tools in strategic management, financial accounting and planning allows to organize work as an enterprise as a whole, and each expert individually. Smart Business Intelligence provides the ability to make a decision even before it can cause problems, identify possible risks and to take measures to eliminate them.


Transparent accounting

DW Business Tools System TM makes accounting transparent and fast. At any time, you can get information on the movement of financial resources of the company, expenses and income, the balance of all branches and units (regardless of their number), profit and sales. Through mechanisms work DW Business Tools TM , it is possible to see all the components of the result. I.e. getting a “figure” in one “click” you can see how and what it was formed from. The system reflects the movement of goods and money, and the relationship between documents allow us to trace the business process chain. Thus, it is easy to form, for example, the cost for any production and track manufacturing processes. Management control becomes easy, thanks to actions of the user registration. Also, the system provides the ability to e-sign documents, which significantly saves time leader.

The system includes all the tools needed for accounting of enterprises of different ownership forms in the context of all the standards and chart of accounts, all the necessary reports to regulatory authorities. The DW Business Tools TM implemented accountability mechanisms for the export of electronically, which greatly simplifies the everyday work with documents.

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