Eyes business: Control and reporting of bulk materials

kontrol-sypuchih-produktov-sypuchih-materialovMany owners of harvesting machinery wonder automation control workers harvesting technology and the control of harvested crop.
And, indeed, combine the carrier and does not cost anything pour grain “left” during the field harvesting grain and forage crops. How to deal with it? For many years, the only possibility to prevent the theft was vigilant control of the machine operators, and now this problem easily and quickly solved with the help of special sensors. If you want to eliminate theft in the subordinate economic and accurately navigate the quantities of the harvest, the installation of sensors monitoring of bulk materials  –  The most correct solution.

 Bulk products level sensor “Spectrum AC2″ allows you to effectively control the dynamics of filling the silo harvester. In its operation based on the same principle as in the fuel control device. This capacitive level meter hopper fullness ” Spectrum AC2 .” This additional binary switch will provide an opportunity to identify and average moisture content of raw materials, each time filling the hopper.

With the help of our software  carried out a detailed account of cereals and mapping of their collection or sowing. Various options (analog, frequency, and digital) sensor interface allow you to interact with different types of monitoring equipment . You get all the necessary information about the work of seeding equipment for the interest period.Level sensor for bulk materials and solids ” Spectrum AC2 ” is executed in a protected enclosure, the appropriate degree of protection of the environment IP67, allowing you to maintain accurate measurements in harsh environments, high humidity and wide temperature ranges.

Scope of the sensor level of bulk products is not limited to combine machines. Continuously measuring the level required in the production of many kinds of raw materials, with a moisture content not exceeding 25%. The introduction of bulk materials the sensor allows additional tasks:

  • accounting and control of the level of feed in a variety of storage containers;
  • Control of products of the mining industry;
  • accounting waste materials in the form of dust-like products (soot, ash);
  • accounting and other bulk cement building materials;

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