Eyes business: Agricultural Vehicle Tracking

maxresdefaultSpectrum Engineering has developed new and innovative products to aid the tracking & controlling of Tractors, Combines, Ride on mowers and more with a battery power supply.

Spectrum Engineering using the Internet is the pioneer of this new tracking & controlling era so you the customer can benefit the peace of mind that your Asset is closely monitored.

Monitoring your Asset has never been so easy, you can log on…fix a Geo-fence around your land and if it moves out of it you will be alerted to the fact! This is ideal for the Land owner who needs to know that his assets do not leave the geo-fenced area. It will also tell you its position every 2 hours and every 1 to 2 minutes while moving!

These system not only to monitor the machinery location, but also remotely read sensor parameters machinery and equipment under various operating conditions, allowing you to assess the correctness of operation of machinery and equipment. Besides data services allow to read error codes, and if necessary make adjustments to the program codes of machinery and equipment, thereby restoring or correcting performance machinery or equipment.

Spectrum Engineering allows the experts to directly access the machine via a highly secured connection in case of failure, to analyze the situation and all crucial information needed to identify the reasons.

Due to this advanced technology it is possible in most cases to restore remotely the production and avoid the necessity of qualify technical person on the spot.

Spectrum Engineering can also monitor your Asset if you wish with its Secure Control Centre this operates 24 hours a day, and 365 days of the year. Spectrum Engineering has highly trained and experienced Staff who will call you in the event of a movement alert, battery disconnect and generate a low battery text via its server to your mobile phone.

These systems can be set up to show 1 minute positions while moving, showing speed, start and stop times ect. This is ideal if you want to see all your assets at any time all on your own local map.

Using the monitoring system in agriculture

traktor-mainAn important issue for the agricultural enterprises is the control of fuel consumption in their vehicles, their range and field processing area for tractors and combines.

To carry out this type of control allows visual observation on vector maps on-line analysis and reporting server – the usual method for GPS-monitoring system. The high degree of detail vector maps allows you to accurately determine the location of the agricultural machine location and to evaluate the extent of its use. Satellite map display mode shows authentically field boundaries, land and adjoining settlements.

To assess the scope of work of agricultural machinery useful mode of creating areas – tools of the client application, which allows successive mouse clicks on the map to delineate the boundaries of the field to be treated immediately to get him the basic parameter – area. Subsequently, thus obtained the zone can be used to assess the quality of the tractor or combine, as the software automatically calculates the number of trips the car with a GPS-tracker for zone limits and provides a convenient report.

Visually see the dynamics of the fields and areas of processing, you can use the construction of agricultural machinery routes, connected to a GPS monitoring of transportation system. This will analyze the effectiveness of ongoing and planned activities. Standard reports use technology provided by the client application system, also useful in the work.

The fuel tanks of agricultural machines differ from the standard tanks of trucks, but in spite of this frequency fuel level sensor, which is equipped with GPS monitoring system can be installed on virtually any tank and make it the correct calibration. The operator of computer monitoring system has the ability to timely and accurately track fuel consumption and unauthorized his selection through the use of fuel sensors.

For agricultural enterprises economic benefit from the introduction of a comprehensive system for monitoring vehicles GPS gps and its fuel consumption can be up to 25% off the regular consumption rates, that in the presence of a large fleet will be nice save.

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