We administer highly loaded services


Software Upgrade


Infrastructure Monitoring






Filter DDoS


Collecting statistics
load on the server


Remote Backup


Support projects for Linux and Windows-based

The cost of administering software and server / network equipment there as a result of negotiations and a full range of services provided by our company for you.


We will set up your server for maximum performance

If your old server began to work slowly, do not rush to buy more expensive and productive – contact us, we will certainly find a solution!
Many years of experience of our experts in the administration of heavy duty systems and individual approach to each client allow the best use of your server resources. We optimize everything – from the server settings to the software settings. We have long been working with Linux and know a lot of the “fine” setting that will bring productivity to a new level.


CentOS + OpenVZ – quickly and reliably

For many years, we work with CentOS and have accumulated enough experience to deal with any problems, our administrators difficult than a surprise!
We are for consistency in configurations! Because of this any administrator can quickly join in the work on any project.
This benefits our customers – the speed and quality of problem solving we are constantly growing.
And if your server is running a different operating system, to be sure, we also deftly handles and other Unix- systems.

Virtualization OpenVZ provides clear benefits for our customers:

  • Server migration now takes much less time;
  • We use the latest software version, so everything works the most stable;
  • we have chosen OpenVZ, a virtualization with minimal overhead;
  • our administrators understand the intricacies of fine tuning OpenVZ;
  • restore the server from backup can now be 10 times faster (you now have a copy of your server with the OS and with all the settings);
  • our OpenVZ templates optimized and tuned for maximum performance with CentOS.


Server Configuration

We set up servers to sites opened quickly, and the possible attendance was as large as possible. Properly configured software Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Ruby, use of accelerators such as PHP-PECL-APC, correct work with static, smart limit the number of processors, and many others we have taken into account the subtleties help to achieve high-quality and stable operation of the server.


With us it is convenient

We appreciate your time and take care of all the technical concerns and problems. All our customers have access to the ticket system and monitoring system. Everything is transparent: you put the task and see not only the result but also the process of solving it. Our monitoring system automatically creates a problem, we solve them, you just have to watch the process. For each project, we will conduct the documentation and watching for its relevance.



We connect your project to our monitoring and monitor all vital processes for the business. From this point you can be sure – no problem will not go unnoticed, and the reaction of our administrators will be instant.For all our clients, we provide access to the monitoring system. We try to anticipate the problem and solve it in advance, so constantly improve the monitoring process, because the most important thing for us – it’s trouble-free operation of your business processes.

For the control of the servers and services of our clients, we use local and remote monitoring. This allows you to more accurately monitor the status of services and maintain their performance. Remote monitoring controls not only the load but also the availability and performance of web projects. All events are remote monitoring transmits tickets Redmine, which are further processed by our specialists during the set time.Thus, all events and work visible to the customer. The reaction rate for the emergency task – to 5 minutes.The acceleration of the reaction also helps us bot written Telegram, sending alarm notification events responsible for project staff. We work in two shifts, allowing us to provide 24/7 support service.

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